Action Plans

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Action Plan

To Prevent Accidents

Amazingly Fast

Responding to an imminent risk factor is a matter of only minutes. Our AI is designed to find a risk factor in less than two seconds. That lets our HSE officers handle cases without wasting time. VEUNEX‘s rapid response Action Plan can save lives and prevent huge damage by accelerating a fast response.

Integrated Solution

There is no need to say that each member of the HSE team is responsible for a specific safety factor or area. Flexible action plans connect all the team members into alert hubs and coordinate with the person in charge in the event of unsafe conditions. In this case, the HSE team efficiently manages and handles responsibilities appropriately.

Easily customizable

VEUNEX does many different actions by itself but is just part of the story. Any action plan can be triggered by this powerful platform that integrates with many industrial solutions. In other words, the HSE regulations will be integrated into the company automation solution and work together. This is the power of an integrated HSE solution.

Define Area

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A perfect combination

VEUNEX action plan includes support for both native and 3rd party activities to cover the broadest range of health and safety risks. When the system detects an anomaly, unsafe condition, risk factor, or unauthorized access the system can set off an action plan to contain the scenario. Having both internal and external action plan support is a wonderful combination to cover many safety regulations.

Action Plans

Action Plan

Action Plans

3rd Party
Action Plan

Native Action Plans

VEUNEX has different native action plans that assist in the automation of HSE procedures by detecting unsafe conditions, occupational risks, and regulation violations. Action plans can be developed based on the safety scenarios defined for each zone in order to prevent accidents. With VEUNEX‘s wide range of safety scenarios, each one can be accompanied by a proper action plan to complete the HSE control over the site.

Action Plans

Record Anomalies

In case of an unsafe condition, unauthorized access, or any safety violation, the main action is to record that alert. With cameras working 24/7, it is important to document any HSE case with the appropriate supporting documentation. Keeping a record of safety alerts and anomalies of each safety scenario helps the HSE team to review the case easily and use captured images and videos as a supporting document.

Action Plans

Send Notification

Detect quickly, alert swiftly. Using VEUNEX HSE management software, HSE managers can execute notification procedures to notify HSE officers according to their responsibilities in the detected health and safety issue. An alert can be sent by email, SMS, or even a native mobile app. Those who receive notification, receive details about the detected case, where it occurred, and whether any special instructions are required.

Action Plans

Alarm the Site

A siren or alert can be activated to alert all the employees on the site about the situation so that immediate reaction can be given. A site alert can save many lives in the event of an emergency when everyone cannot be alerted individually.

3rd Party Trigger

The detection of an unsafe condition, risk factor, unauthorized access, or any other safety regulation can trigger an action plan to send a command to a third party. Using Faraddid’s API Integration, other systems supporting REST, PROFIBUS, or Modbus can be run or stopped. By using this feature, the HSE management system extends its range of work beyond the control and alert and will directly communicate with other machines to manage safety issues efficiently.

Action Plans

Industrial Machine

The operation of the machinery can be controlled by standard industrial communication interfaces like PROFIBUS or Modbus, as an action plan if an anomaly is observed at the site. Besides saving precious lives, it can also prevent extensive damage to industrial machinery.

Zone Control

Access Control

Whenever an unsafe condition or an imminent danger is detected by the system, through the access control unit it can command the gates, doors, or the access control regulators to open or close, to prevent the danger from spreading or facilitate the emergency evacuation.

Action Plans

F&G System

In case of fire or smoke detection, VEUNEX sends an alert and a system command to the integrated Fire and Gas system. It can be used to monitor the fire and smoke even in locations without any smoke or fire detectors. In open areas where detectors cannot operate properly, it serves as a good method for protection against fire.

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