Virtual HSE Assistant​

Customized for Oil and Gas​

Your Exceptional AI tool for Empowering HSE, Turning Data into Assets and Accelerating Risk assessment.​

A Boundless HSE Team – Build it!​

Virtual HSE Assistant

Customized For Oil And Gas

Your Exceptional AI tool for Empowering HSE Team

A Boundless HSE Team – Build it!​​

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Solutions For Heavy Industries

The Veunex technology solution not only manages risks but transforms HSE in drilling rigs, refineries, fabrication, and mining. Discover how we’re revolutionizing heavy industries.

Drilling rigs

magnify HSE impact

It is Impressive, This type of AI Analytics can show us two different worker behaviors. One is scared of the height and the other one is a kind of reckless to stand on the edge and rely on his equipment waiting for the next job.

50x increase in observation
Our use cases in several rigs show that the Veunex HSE assistant cuts down physical observation by over 50 times. With only one or two HSE officers usually on-site, this frees up the team to handle other important tasks.
2x documents for API 54
This AI Assistant is tailored for the oil and gas industry. It accelerates the HSE team's access to guidelines and regulations like API 54, providing essential evidence and documents for them.
Automated Reports
Using the Virtual HSE assistant saves the HSE team over 10 hours per week by streamlining report preparation. Additionally, it provides them with full access to all data and generates insightful narratives.
Automate monitoring 150 UA/UC
With over 10 successful projects on rigs, Veunex virtual assistant now contains over 150 reliable UA/UC indices and measures tailored for drilling rigs, both offshore and onshore.
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Recent reports on European downstream oil industry safety performance indicate an 8% increase in Lost Workday Injuries in 2021, alongside more than a 20% rise in both Tier 1 and Tier 2 Manufacturing process safety events since 2020.
Over 2,000 unplanned outages occurred in refineries in the United States, Canada, and Mexico in 2019, primarily due to mechanical failures not covered by scheduled maintenance plans.
With an astounding 36% decrease in unplanned downtime, an organization that adopts a data-driven approach to maintenance reaps significant benefits.
The process of bridging the divide between anomalies and true problems within a plant involves establishing connections among various parameters and AI-generated data can do so!
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Build A Boundless Team

10x reduction in seasonal hiring
The trend of constant change in fabrication facilities requires companies to spend over $100,000 annually on hiring and training HSE staff. However, with Veunex virtual HSE assistants, this need can be eliminated.
2x savings on pre-job risk assessment
With various operations conducting simultaneously, several indoor facilities, and a huge fabrication yard, pre-job risk assessment takes up too much time for HSE personnel. However, with Veunex, this time can be reduced by half!
2x Acceleration in Providing Documents for ISO 45001
Document provision for ISO 45001 often consumes significant time for HSE teams. However, with our virtual HSE assistant, this process can be completed twice as fast, revolutionizing efficiency in compliance tasks.
53% Faster Device Inspection & Tag Checks
Traditional device inspections and tag checks in fabrication facilities consume valuable time and are prone to flaws. With the Virtual HSE Assistant, streamline these processes for smoother operations and enhanced accuracy.
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It is Working Perfectly and we can Monitor a Big Fabrication site with the power of AI coverage saving time and energy.

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