Why Veunex?

Veunex, the premier Virtual HSE Assistant for the energy sector, revolutionizes HSE practices. With cutting-edge GenAI, computer vision, and ML technologies, Veunex empowers teams to fulfill their core objectives: safeguarding people and places while promoting healthier lives. Seamlessly integrated with industry standards like PSM and API, Veunex ensures flawless communication and automation, projected to save over $7 billion by 2030. It’s not just innovation; it’s a game-changing solution shaping the future of energy HSE.

Oil & Gas Drilling

Empower HSE Teams

In 2022, the UK’s HSE Energy Division Offshore uncovered a startling 43% rise in non-compliance compared to the previous year. Meanwhile, the IOGP reported a 27% surge in global lost time injuries, spanning both offshore and onshore incidents. These alarming statistics underscore an urgent need for the industry to adopt transformative measures and elevate the role of rig HSE teams.

This is why the Veunex Virtual HSE Assistant was developed—to reverse this trend, empowering HSE teams, accelerating communication between stakeholders, generating insightful narratives for a deeper understanding of behaviors, and much more. SANAD, Petronas, and PDO have embraced Veunex to streamline and automate their HSE processes. With Veunex, they are effectively reversing damaging trends and safeguarding against disasters.

Veunex is not just a tool; it is a vital ally in the quest for an energy sector that is safer and more compliant.

Offshore drilling Rig

Fabrication Site

Make a Boundless HSE Team

Companies often face hefty expenses—sometimes exceeding $100,000—for hiring and training seasonal staff at a fabrication site, leading to various challenges for HSE teams.

Veunex’s virtual HSE assistant offers scalable operations, streamlined tasks like tag checks and form controls, and improved access to analyzed data.

Collaborations with industry leaders such as KAEFER and McDermott demonstrate Veunex’s effectiveness in enhancing and automating HSE processes in Fabrication sites. With Veunex, companies can efficiently extend their HSE team’s capabilities, ensuring safety and efficiency in fabrication operations.


Change the trend!

The safety landscape of Europe’s downstream oil industry presents a concerning picture: in 2021, Lost Workday Injuries increased by approximately 8% compared to the previous year, while process safety events saw a staggering rise of nearly 25%. These statistics underscore a pressing need within the industry to enact transformative measures and elevate the role of refinery HSE teams. Veunex Virtual HSE Assistant has demonstrated its capability to reverse this trend by amplifying HSE efforts. Giants such as OQ and PDO have made significant strides in automating HSE processes by implementing Veunex, recognizing its pivotal role in reversing these concerning trends and preventing potential disasters.


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