Use Cases

We study various industries carefully to develop sophisticated HSE regulations based on their needs. Hence, we can handle the various industrial risks in every industry. We introduced many use cases compatible with industry health and safety guidelines to simplify the transition from traditional risk-based health systems to intelligent risk-based systems.

Oil & Gas Drilling

Safety on the Rig

Exploration and production are stages in the oil and gas industry referred to as upstream. A typical oil and gas company can be divided into three segments: upstream, midstream, and downstream. Upstream firms play a significant role in oil and gas production’s the exploration and early stages. Upstream work involves many risks, potentially resulting in massive accidents if safety regulations are neglected. Compared with the mean of all industries, fatal injury rates are more than eight times higher upstream. Hence, risk-based safety management plays a significant role in mitigating high-risk behaviours, unsafe conditions, or safety regulation violations before a catastrophe occurs. We designed compelling safety scenarios to improve safety at upstream sites in the drilling, exploration, and production stages. In each case, standard safety regulations are combined with what will happen to minimize the likelihood of an accident.

Fabrication Site

Safe and sound construction

The safety of workers at a fabrication site is of the utmost importance. Fabrication sites involve heavy machinery, power tools, and materials that can pose severe risks to workers if proper safety measures are not followed.

To ensure the safety of workers in a fabrication site, it is important to have proper safety training and procedures in place, as well as the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), such as hard hats, safety glasses, ear protection, and protective clothing. Regular safety inspections and equipment and machinery maintenance can also help minimize risks.
Veunex helps you take proper precautions and follow established safety procedures to ensure the well-being of workers and prevent serious accidents.


Control the Process with AI

Among mining’s industrial risks are accidents and natural disasters, including floods, fires, and explosions. In addition to injuries or deaths to workers, equipment and infrastructure damage, and environmental harm, these risks may result in financial loss due to decreased production, legal penalties, and reputational damage from negative publicity. Veunex AI for mining not only identifies safety risks but also detects anomalies in production and process that can lead to halts or quality problems.


Mitigate risks in processing

Converting oil and gas into the finished product is known as downstream operations. Chemicals play an integral part in the entire process, resulting in downstream operations dealing with them. Therefore, formulating, manufacturing, mixing, and filling are some chemical processes that need great attention to safety.
With the collaboration of safety institutes and upstream production units, we developed relevant scenarios related to safety regulation through AI.


Mitigate risks in processing

Manufacturing and construction are among the largest industries with a significant number of workers. Industry-specific approaches must be used to improve control of health and safety risks while adapting to differences across sectors. Adaptations need to be made to meet specific industry and sub-industry needs.
By detecting the most common unsafe conditions and potentially dangerous behaviours on manufacturing and construction sites, we developed risk-based scenarios to make those places safer for employees and workers.