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Our AI-powered sophisticated solution identifies risk factors, assesses risk probability, alerts unsafe actions and unsafe behaviours, and automates action plans to manage risk at early stages.

Our Solutions

PPE Regulation

We can monitor and execute compliance with personal protective equipment (PPE) regulations by combining AI CCTV cameras. For example, our AI solution is trained to recognize when people in a particular area are not wearing the required PPE and then alert a supervisor or take other appropriate actions. It could be advantageous in environments where it is not practical or possible for a human to constantly monitor the use of PPE. Moreover, we are aware of the importance of carefully considering the potential privacy implications of such a system and its accuracy and reliability. Veunex can detect various types of PPE, such as helmet, glasses and goggles, harness, gloves, and mask.

All violations of wearing a helmet at workplaces are detected by AI and alert the HSE offices to rectify the problem. Furthermore, it identifies helmet colours and reconciles them with the requirements of HSE for different personnel. To protect employees from accidents, the HSE team notifies the employees of any violations detected by the system.

Working at heights has become a standard part of the job in many industries. But with size also comes a greater risk of falling. A harness is an effective tool for protecting workers from injury and death caused by falls. We can detect any failure to wear PPE in defined safety zones, such as those involving work at height.

A protective mask is a vital part of a protection program in chemical or biological environments. The COVID-19 pandemic forced people to wear masks everywhere, including public places, public transportation, and offices. With an AI-driven mask-wear protocol, the HSE team can control mask-wear protocols.

Workers exposed to dust or flying particles, such as in woodworking or working around heat hazards, should wear goggles. It is essential to use this type of protection in case of chemical splashes or vapours to prevent eye injuries. We ensure proper supervision of goggles worn at dangerous sites with the necessary pre-defined regulations.

Evacuation Management

A safety evacuation alert is a notification issued in the event of an emergency or potential danger, such as a fire, chemical leak, or natural disaster. A designated authority, such as an HSE manager or security team, usually issues the alert. It is designed to inform people in the affected area about the danger and provide instructions for evacuating the area safely. Veunex safety evacuation alerts can be issued automatically by AI systems designed to detect potential hazards. The risks can be detected by live video stream processed AI, or the facility's fire alarm system, which is connected to sensors that detect smoke, heat, or toxic gas. The system could automatically trigger an evacuation alert if a fire is detected. Similarly, our AI-powered systems can detect unusual activity or threats and trigger an evacuation alert if necessary. With this immidiate risk detection and staff tracing, you can experience a quick evacuation in case of emergency and ensure no one is left behind.

Evacuation risk assessment is the process of identifying and evaluating the risks associated with the need to evacuate a building or area due to an emergency or disaster. Veunex AI can help with this process by analyzing data on factors such as the location and layout of the building, the types of emergencies that are likely to occur, and the demographics of the people affected by an evacuation.
Our AI safety solution can be used to develop evacuation models that simulate different scenarios and help decision-makers determine the most efficient and effective way to evacuate people from a building or area. These models can consider factors such as the number of exits, the availability of transportation, and the physical and mental abilities of the people who would be evacuating.

Veunex can also be used to analyze real-time data during an emergency, such as the location and movement of people, to help determine the safest and most efficient routes for evacuations.
Overall, using AI in evacuation risk assessment can help improve the speed and effectiveness of evacuations and help keep people safe during emergencies and disasters.

Work At Height

Using Veunex AI-powered solution for work at height safety can help reduce the risk of accidents and injuries by providing real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, and risk assessment capabilities. Using these systems to combine AI automation with human judgment and expertise is essential as a cultural process in digitalization.

AI can continuously monitor work at height through cameras and alert workers or supervisors if any safety issues are detected. For example, we can detect if a worker is not wearing a harness or if a scaffold is unstable.

AI can analyze data from sensors or other monitoring systems to predict when equipment or structures used for work at height may need maintenance or repair. It can help to prevent accidents caused by equipment failure.

AI algorithms can analyze data from previous incidents or simulations to identify potential hazards when working at height and suggest ways to mitigate these risks.

AI can create interactive training simulations to help workers learn how to operate equipment safely and follow proper procedures when working at height.


Poor housekeeping creates hazards of all types, slips, trips, fires, and so on. So we've developed a unique feature that assures good housekeeping. VEUNEX housekeeping feature allows you to keep the workplace in an ideal condition, clean, tidy, and well organized where everything is in order. No more obstacles will be on the workplace floor; No more falling objects will strike people; No more unknown objects will be left; No more poor housekeeping will mess up the workplace. You can check different areas at a variety of times. You can even specify the action: just send a message to the safety manager or call on an HSE officer, or maybe you prefer to turn on the siren.

Veunex AI monitors the workplace using CCTV cameras and identifies areas that need organising or cleaning. It can make the workplace safer and help reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.

Data on the usage and state of various facility areas can be analysed using artificial intelligence to schedule cleaning and maintenance tasks based on housekeeping insights. It helps optimise resource use and ensures tasks are completed efficiently.

In addition to ensuring that all housekeeping tasks are finished on time, AI can alert supervisors or workers if they’re overdue.

Red Zone Management

Artificial intelligence for red zone safety management can improve worker safety and the effectiveness of safety measures in these hazardous areas. We provide intelligent supervision, risk assessment, training, and access control by analysing real-time video streams.

Connecting to your CCTV network allows us to monitor red zones continuously and alert workers or supervisors if any safety issues are detected. It can help reduce the risk of accidents or injuries.

AI algorithms can analyse data from previous incidents or simulations to identify potential hazards in red zones and suggest ways to mitigate them.

Through interactive training simulations, artificial intelligence can help workers learn how to work safely in red zones.

AI can use facial recognition or other visual authentication methods to ensure that only authorised personnel can enter red zones.

Fire and Smoke

We can improve workplace safety with artificial intelligence by detecting fire and smoke early on. In addition to analyzing data from heat detectors, smoke detectors, and gas detectors, our machine learning algorithms can determine fire risk factors by using real-time image processing. You can configure it to automatically trigger an alarm or send a notification if a potential fire is detected. It can also be integrated into your F&G system to automatically activate sprinkler systems or other fire suppression systems.

Video footage from cameras placed throughout the worksite can be analyzed by Veunex machine vision algorithms, which recognize visual signs of a fire, such as flames or smoke, and alert the operator. It can also be compatible with thermal cameras to detect temperature changes that may indicate a fire’s presence. We designed it to recognize temperature data patterns indicative of a fire and alert emergency responders when a potential fire is detected.

We use advanced algorithms to recognize the visual signs of smoke, such as a hazy or foggy appearance and can trigger an alarm when smoke is detected. It also can help improve the speed and accuracy of smoke detection and can help reduce the risk of property damage and loss of life in the event of a fire.

For leakage detection, cameras are typically placed strategically throughout a facility to provide coverage of the areas where leaks are most likely to occur. Video footage from the cameras is then analyzed by AI algorithms trained to identify visual signs of leaks, such as moisture or water. If the AI system detects a leak, it can notify maintenance personnel or trigger an alarm.

Also, you can incorporate it with your fire suppression system so that sprinklers will turn on automatically. It can also sync with conventional fire detection and alarm systems to prevent false positives.

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