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Why Automate HSE on Refineries?

Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) teams are faced with FORMIDABLE CHALLANGS due to the complexity of operational processes, diversity of facilities, and inherent risks associated with TURNAROUND SESSIONS which feature numerous new contractors and personnel. It is clear, however, that automation of select HSE tasks is a necessity due to the substantial financial stakes associated with process plant shutdowns by the hour. By automating their processes, these teams have ample time to prioritize their core responsibilities and streamline their operational efficiency.

How Veunex Augments
Refinery HSE Teams?

Refinery HSE teams face loads of challenges, from costly shutdowns to strict regulations and resource constraints. Managing risks and obsering complex processes demands meticulous attention, compounded by the influx of new workers and contractors during turnarounds. Automation offers a strategic solution by streamlining tasks like inspections and data entry. This proactive approach enhances efficiency, mitigates risks, and fosters a culture of continuous improvement in refinery safety and environmental initiatives.

In the dynamic realm of refinery operations, HSE teams grapple with several pressing challenges. Every hour shutdown costs around $260,000 in a refinery, adding to the urgency and responsibility on HSE teams. The intricate nature of refinery processes demands meticulous oversight across various facilities. On the other hand, managing risks, ranging from equipment failures to environmental hazards, requires proactive measures and vigilant monitoring. Additionally, stringent regulatory standards necessitate meticulous documentation and adherence, adding complexity to daily operations. Resource limitations, including constraints on manpower, time, and budget, further compound these challenges. Moreover, the sheer volume of data generated by refinery operations presents a daunting task of analysis and interpretation for HSE teams. Furthermore, the influx of over 1000 new workers for a turnaround session that must be trained adds to the workload and responsibility of HSE teams.

In response to these formidable challenges, automation emerges as a strategic solution. By automating routine tasks such as inspections and data entry, HSE teams can streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and focus on critical safety and environmental initiatives. This proactive approach not only mitigates risks but also fosters a culture of continuous improvement within the refinery environment.


Easily gather scalable observations from daily operations without manual data entry. This data is invaluable for planning turnarounds and improving HSE practices. Utilizing these insights leads to better decision-making, fostering a safer and more efficient operational environment.

Double the HSE team capabilities

Veunex doubles your HSE team’s capacity by automating repetitive tasks, freeing them to focus on core duties. Seamlessly integrated into workflows, it boosts traffic safety, ensures PPE compliance, and manages barriers, amplifying efficiency and effectiveness in maintaining HSE standards.

Smooth Management of Change

Veunex facilitates seamless communication among stakeholders and the HSE team, ensuring effective change management during turnarounds. By fostering timely and fluid communication, it supports smooth transitions and adjustments, enhancing overall efficiency.

The Safest Project, The Quickest Investigation

Veunex provides behavioral-based data from shutdown projects and ongoing operations.
Utilizing its historical features, it expedites investigations into incidents or projects, significantly reducing the time needed from weeks to mere hours. 

Veunex HSE Assistant on Refineries

What Will You Gain?

With Veunex, you can empower HSE teams, eliminate repetitive tasks, streamline communication, elevate leading indicator management, cultivate a proactive safety culture, ensure regulatory compliance, and more!

By revolutionizing the roles of drilling rig HSE personnel through the streamlining of their tedious tasks, Veunex liberates their valuable time to focus on enhancing health and safety for all individuals on the rig. In doing so, rig HSE professionals can significantly enhance their impact toward achieving net-zero goals.

However, Veunex’s impact extends beyond mere task automation. Leveraging vast streams of real-time observational data, Veunex unveils hidden trends and behaviors, empowering HSE professionals to generate immersive insights. This dynamic synergy not only enhances operational efficiency but also fosters a proactive safety culture by creating leading indicators and ensuring continuous improvement.

In summary, with Veunex, you can empower HSE teams, eliminate repetitive tasks, streamline communication, elevate leading indicator management, cultivate a proactive safety culture, ensure regulatory compliance, and more!


reduction in seasonal hiring

and allocation of budget, and training time.


less time

for device inspection, tag checks and form controls.



on preparing pre-job risk assessment documents.


time reduction

to prepare evidence for investigations.

Client Testimonials

“The system is decently accurate and shows the capacity to cover all required functionality for UA/UC.”
Daeeij Alhosni
HSSE technologiest OQ Oman

Veunex on Refineries

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