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Smart Risk Solution

Reduce risk factors by early identification
Empower you by behaviour exploration

Keeping Risk at Bay

Veunex is an AI-powered software solution that brings risk detection to a new level. Not just enhancing occupational safety but also stimulating work efficiency.

Tired of Occupational Accidents in your Organization?

You ought not to worry; Veunex’s multiple state-of-the-art components could detect risks at an early stage before an accident occurs.

Early Risk Detection

Analyzing live video streams to identify risk factors in real-time and mitigate them before an accident occurs.

Behaviour Exploration

Analyzing historical data in-depth to identify patterns and trends that tend to increase risk in the future.

Save Money and Reduce Risk at the same time

Introducing Veunex’s event detection alerts. Advanced notification entails any potential risks before it happens. Sit back and relax!

What Pioneers Say?

Take part in the digital transformation of safety

Safety Digitalized

It’s about using data you’ve never used before to make decisions. Our AI solution extracts data from video streams to provide in-depth insight reports and customized KPIs.

Are you ready to evolve?

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