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AI-Powered Platform

Revolutionize HSE through AI Synergy, and Forge a Workplace Where Safety Reigns Supreme.

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Solutions For Heavy Industries

The Veunex technology solution not only manages risks but transforms HSE in drilling rigs, refineries, fabrication, and mining. Discover how we’re revolutionizing heavy industries.

Drilling rigs

It is Impressive, This type of AI Analytics can show us two different worker behaviors. One is scared of the height and the other one is a kind of reckless to stand on the edge and rely on his equipment waiting for the next job.

IADC's most recent yearly reports reveal that incident rates on drilling rigs have increased by 17% in 2022, stressing the ongoing hazards and perils associated with drilling operations.
Handling Tubular, whether done manually or with machines, accounts for a staggering 12% of accidents , on drilling rigs. We offer specialized solutions designed to substantially reduce the risks associated with material handling,
Tripping in/out operations account for 16% of lost time incidents. Avoiding cheap chatting, entering red zones, and poor housekeeping can help prevent such accidents, and we can offer solutions for these and more!
The monkey board presents significant risks, with around 12% of incidents involving derrickmen. However, our solutions effectively tackle various risks like poor lighting and musculoskeletal issues.
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Recent reports on European downstream oil industry safety performance indicate an 8% increase in Lost Workday Injuries in 2021, alongside more than a 20% rise in both Tier 1 and Tier 2 Manufacturing process safety events since 2020.
Over 2,000 unplanned outages occurred in refineries in the United States, Canada, and Mexico in 2019, primarily due to mechanical failures not covered by scheduled maintenance plans.
With an astounding 36% decrease in unplanned downtime, an organization that adopts a data-driven approach to maintenance reaps significant benefits.
The process of bridging the divide between anomalies and true problems within a plant involves establishing connections among various parameters and AI-generated data can do so!
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It is Working Perfectly and we can Monitor a Big Fabrication site with the power of AI coverage saving time and energy.

Detecting risks in real time within a vast onshore or offshore fabrication site, which encompasses different sectors, heavy machinery, and closed spaces, can be extremely challenging.
The majority of workers in the fabrication site work near moving mechanical parts, while only 50% use PPE. However, a mere 3.8% of at-risk construction workers are fully protected by the use of PPE.
In 2020, falls, slips, and trips caused 31.2% of all fatalities among construction workers. The incidence of nonfatal falls, slips, and trips was 52.5 per 10,000 full-time workers, which is higher than in any other industry.
AI can boost risk management in fabrication sites by improving PPE compliance, mitigating falls, and providing advanced analytics and early warnings for potential hazards. Let's make the most of AI.
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Only in the USA in 2021, occupational mining fatalities have increased by 28%. It is estimated that there are around 15,000 mining fatalities worldwide every year based on official statistics.
Since 2009, the productivity performance in the mining industry has reached a point of stabilization, although it remains at a level 30 percent lower than that of a decade ago.
Mining industry's digitalization could unlock a staggering $425 billion worth of value for shareholders, customers, and the environment in the next decade. That's equivalent to 3-4% of the industry's total revenue.
Implementing real-time data to minimize equipment delays can result in a 30% reduction of mining site downtime, enhancing operational efficiency.
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