Occupational Safety Solution by AI

VEUNEX is an innovative HSE management software that combines Artificial Intelligence with Surveillance Cameras to identify, alert, and track unsafe actions and unsafe conditions and execute the appropriate action plan to enhance safety in the workplace. By utilizing AI-based digital safety solutions, we can reduce occupational risk factors by 83% and improve the HSE team’s performance by a great deal.

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Use Cases

VEUNEX addresses safety issues in multiple industries. AI behind the magic is specifically designed to cover health and safety concerns in real-world situations. As of now, we have ready-to-use safety scenarios for numerous industries, including Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Warehousing, and even Public Places.

Ready to Use Safety Scenarios

More than 40 ready to use safety scenarios help you face every type of real-world safety challenge. These safety scenarios can be applied instantly or tailored to fit your specific needs.


Humans are not sensors, operators, or machines. Performance is affected by working conditions, environmental factors, mental conditioning, and social interactions. The possibility of accidents increases in inappropriate weather conditions, unsafe situations, fatigue, or lack of knowledge. 

HSE Team

HSE teams are usually not big enough to continuously and simultaneously observe employees in various posts and workstations.

Human Resources

The workforce still forms the majority of industrial resources. Protecting them from unsafe conditions saves lives and prevent casualties.


Risks exist around workplaces, and their wide range makes them impossible to be handled simultaneously and continuously.

How Does The Magic Work?​

VEUNEX uses live video streams to detect unsafe conditions in the occupational safety framework. Upon detecting non-compliance, the system notifies HSE staff and triggers a precautionary action plan defined for the related scenarios.

All detected incidents are saved for subsequent identification and evaluation of anomalies through a smart dashboard.

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Our Clients

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VEUNEX helped us to have excellent supervision to all overhaul activities and our work environment together, which enabled us to significantly decrease the rate of Loss Time Injury (LTI) during the overhaul time.

R. Pirmand

Key Advantages


It has been developed to provide the ability to consider project conditions and to adapt to different situations.


Unlimited scenarios based on various unsafe conditions can be defined for individual cameras.


Detected incidents trigger alerts and send notifications to the HSE team’s smartphones and inform them of the unsafe conditions.


It is designed to support all project’s dimensions. It is possible to limit the system’s implementation and then expand it to the level of any project.


Here's where evolution begins

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