Disrupt safety using Industry 4.0

HSE Use Cases
HSE AI person detection

Technology to save lives

Our mission is to save human lives through technology. The use of advanced artificial intelligence, machine vision, and big data analytics combined with environmental, health, and occupational safety regulation can help us reduce the risk of unsafe actions and unsafe conditions in the workplace.
Our journey began with four nerds concerned about the serious applications of AI. Having developed AI solutions to detect objects, humans, and other conditions became our motivation to work on health and safety to help enterprises protect their employees and assets both simultaneously with a AI-based occupational safety solution.
As VEUNEX was unveiled at ADIPEC 2019, it received a great deal of positive attention from targeted markets, which encourages us to keep developing new features and improve performance.
We envision easing the transition to digital health and occupational safety, and we hope to become a leading innovator of digitization in HSE.


A promising start

An initial positive impression was raised by attending OGA 2019. We were encouraged to see experts’ reactions when we proposed using artificial intelligence to tackle occupational safety problems.


Entering the Market

Our MVP was unveiled at ADIPEC-2020, and we entered the market shortly thereafter. We implemented product pilots for clients and received encouraging feedback from them. We acquired our first customers in the Oil and Gas sector, followed by manufacturers.


Spreading the Roots

We have established ourselves as the premier safety management software in the Oil and Gas space, reaching our international reach via our Global Partner Program. By early 2021, we had developed more than 40 pre-defined safety scenarios that would mitigate the risk associated with hazardous activities.