About Veunex

O&G HSE Assistant

We enhance HSE workflow with automation, elevate communication, accelerate risk assessment, fortify HSE impact and in one word EMPOWER HSE TEAM.


Our Mission

At Veunex, we’re revolutionizing HSE workflows with AI technologies such as GenAI, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning. We automate tasks, enhance risk assessment, ensure compliance, all completely aligned with the latest standards and guidelines, including API 54 and ISO 45001.

Trusted by industry leaders like Kaefer, Petronas, and Saudi Aramco, we provide a cutting-edge HSE assistant, doubling the capabilities of HSE professionals and placing them at the core of the company.


Innovative companies, trust in innovation

We understand your challenges and believe that success comes through collaboration. 

Our story

Our journey began with four AI enthusiasts deeply passionate about its potential. Initially focusing on creating AI solutions to detect various objects and humans, our vision soon expanded to encompass a greater purpose: leveraging AI for health, safety, and the environment (HSE). Our aim was to assist companies in safeguarding their people and assets through smart technology.

As we delved deeper into the realm of HSE, we came to a profound realization: the true heroes are the HSE professionals on the ground. With this insight, we joined forces with two seasoned HSE experts and a group of dedicated enthusiasts to embark on a new endeavor: developing an HSE assistant.

Our mission? To streamline the work of HSE professionals worldwide by automating mundane tasks, allowing them to focus on critical aspects of their roles and make informed decisions swiftly. We invite you to join us on this journey.

We tested our ideas: Could AI be helpful in the HSE landscape? The answer was a strong yes when experts reacted favorably to our proposal of using AI to address occupational health and safety challenges at OGA 2019.

We unveiled our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) at ADIPEC-2020 and entered the market shortly thereafter. Conducting product pilots with clients, we received encouraging feedback, securing our first customers in the Oil and Gas sector followed by manufacturers.

Our focus was on assembling the team and gathering data. So, we gathered a combination of experts and enthusiastic individuals dedicated to empowering people through innovation. and By early 2021, this team had developed over 40 predefined scenarios aimed at mitigating risks associated with hazardous activities and empowering HSE.

This year marked the commencement of a significant project with Petronas, and the synergy between our teams propelled Veunex to new heights. Utilizing Veunex on one of their rigs garnered exceptional feedback, showcasing the effectiveness of Veunex in empowering HSE personnel. Our endeavors extended beyond mere risk detection; we automatically generated three insightful narratives of worker behaviors.

Presenting our findings from the Petronas project at the Abu Dhabi SPE/IACD conference garnered significant attention. Numerous major companies in the oil and gas sector expressed interest in adopting Veunex, leading to new projects with OQ, PDO, Aramco, and Kaefer. Additionally, establishing a new headquarters in London has expanded our presence. We now represent an internationally experienced and dedicated team that has proven its professionalism by collaborating with giants in the oil and gas industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are currently many risks in the six domains that will be covered in subsequent versions of other domains, and more will be covered in the future.

The system connects to CCTV that supports the H264 protocol and requires the minimum HD image quality.

VEUNEX HSE management system currently supports only on-premise installation.

The hardware requirements of VEUNEX varies depending on the number of cameras and user safety modules. After the initial evaluation, the hardware requirements will be announced.

VEUNEX supports up to 50 cameras in the basic version and up to 1,000 cameras in professional editions.

Image storage in the system varies according to the memory provided by the customer.

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