Avoid making these common safety mistakes in your workplace

Despite mandatory safety rules and regulations, many companies don’t yet take occupational health and safety seriously, and there are common safety mistakes in every workplace that are simply avoidable.

It is highly recommended that every enterprise first considers an occupational health and safety management system. However, there are still some common safety mistakes that could cause injuries and work-related diseases.

These safety mistakes could occur due to individual neglect or ignorance. You could simply make some safety mistakes that you’ve never thought about before. Occupational safety is not only about preventing some massive fatal safety-related accidents.

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The first common safety mistakes: Postpone Maintenance and Inspection.

Don’t ever put the maintenance in the future to-do-list. If the equipment must be fixed, take care of it immediately. Old and broken equipment is dangerous to work with and could cause an accident. On the other hand, you must implement regular inspections and train your workers to understand its importance.

You must consider regular inspections in your safety management system. The proper safety management system consists of whatever must be done to make a safe workplace, and you must commit to implementing it.

common safety mistakes-Postpone Maintenance

The second common safety mistakes: Ignoring Minor Accidents

Not only you but also your workers must take every accident seriously. Every odd event in operation could emerge for a significant reason, and usually, massive accidents could be avoidable if someone would take the signs seriously. In one case, in January 2018, while the Paterson UTI company’s contractor was drilling a well in Pittsburgh County, Oklahoma, a blowout and rig fire occurred, killing five workers. Although a worker noticed that the extracted rocks looked odd before the disaster, he neglected the sign.

Even some obstacles on the roof, like abandoned wires, which sometimes cause a worker to trip, could incur severe injuries during an emergency run away. Therefore remember how every minor accident could be a sign of a massive disaster and take even niggling injuries and events seriously.

common safety mistakes-near misses

The third common safety mistakes: Improper or Lack of Training

Employees must be well trained to use tools, equipment, and safety gear. It would help the workplace safety if you had a training plan when you hire new workers or use new equipment.

Training is always costly, but the lack of adequate training could cause accidents and loss much more money. Occupational health and safety hazards can be easily mitigated if employers conduct timely training, tests, and assessments to ensure that everyone knows all the dangers and safety solutions.

The fourth common safety mistakes: Not Wearing PPE

Employers must provide essential safety gear, and workers must wear them correctly. Proper PPE can save lives, and besides providing, you must train employees and persuade them to wear the safety covers.

Sometimes workers refuse to wear PPEs for different reasons; it would be better if you know such excuses and find solutions to encourage employees to use PPE correctly.

On the other hand, some employers don’t wear personal protective equipment themselves. It could be dangerous for their own; besides, their workers won’t take safety gear seriously.

common safety mistakes-PPE

The fifth common safety mistakes: install Safety Signs in wrong places

Safety signage can make everyone aware of hazards in the workplace. They recall workers and visitors to wear mandatory PPE and avoid safety hazards. Safety signs are used to help workers identify the risks.

In some construction sites, safety signs are installed in the wrong places, or the safety signboards are not clear. All occupational health and safety organizations have required employers to establish a danger and caution board in hazardous locations so that everyone notices it. They warn the employees about potential dangers.

The sixth common safety mistakes: Dirty, Messy workplace

Slips, trips, and falls are among the fatal occupational accidents. Wet or oily surfaces have the least friction, and they cause slips quickly. Falling on oily surfaces can hurt the worker’s back and change his/her life forever. Therefore oily and wet surfaces must be cleaned as soon as possible. Trips happen when the foot strikes or hits an object, and they fall eventually. In different workplaces, trips occur mostly due to poor housekeeping like uncovered cables. Low lighting and anything blocking view; besides, uneven walking surface and wrinkled carpeting can cause trips. Therefore take housekeeping seriously!