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Safety challenges for the HSE team

Human errors are likely to ruin a project, downgrade personnel morale, or increase costs associated with project implementation each year. For example, the Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) program estimates that between 12 and 13 U.S. workers die every day due to a work-related injury.


A person is not a sensor, operator or machine. Employees’ performance is affected by their working conditions, mental state, and human relations. Inappropriate weather conditions, unsafe situations, fatigue, and lack of knowledge are some of the human factors that increase the likelihood of accidents. Some of the most important incidents include falling from a height, being struck by a moving vehicle, and being struck by a falling or flying object. However, the unsafe conditions in a project are widespread. As a result, permanent monitoring and prevention of incidents are almost impossible.


Hazardous Workplaces

The industrial workplace contains a variety of potentially hazardous environments. Although a lot of measures are prescribed in HSE regulations to prevent accidents, it is not possible to avoid all unsafe conditions in such a dynamic environment.


Vast Area

One point is common to manufacturing factories, oil refineries, or even high-rise offices: a vast area to control. This huge, multi-facility site isn’t within the reach of the HSE team, which usually has to manage it all remotely.


Human Error

Human errors are the reason for 80% of accidents. However, even the most stringent safety regulations cannot reduce the risk of accidents caused by long work shifts, working conditions, and mental stress.

Technology to Protect Lives

From Prospective HSE to Intelligent Risk Based EHS

Traditionally, HSE criteria and standards developed on a prescriptive approach. The guidelines and standards to mitigate and control, unsafe conditions. VEUNEX chooses a more effective and cutting-edge perspective about current challenges in health and safety. The risk-based approach enabling VEUNEX to focus on places, activities, and operations that potentially have a higher risk.

This approach made it possible to use Artificial Intelligence to augmented HSE staff and help them to accomplish their responsibilities easier. As a result, you can prevent costly accidents without any significant change in the HSE team.




Machines can see

VEUNEX is an innovative technology solution that combines the power of Artificial Intelligence with Surveillance Cameras to detect, alert, and archive unsafe conditions. A CCTV camera installed in the correct position is the system’s eye that gathers live video stream all over the site.



HSE Brain


Deep Learning

AI engine is the key to enabling the system to check HSE compliance in the camera images. Using a variety of machine vision technologies, including deep learning, the system detects and identifies human detectable incidents. The system is capable of applying multiple deep learning models as well as other machine vision tools on images ingeniously received from multiple cameras so that it requires minimal hardware resources.



HSE Heart


Scenarios & Criteria

The safety scenarios for each camera can be different, and they can have as many covering criteria for each of them as needed. By using deep learning technology, VEUNEX is able to identify various HSE concepts and identify unsafe conditions, risk factors, and human errors from live streams. Each of these concepts can trigger an action plan, helping HSE officers to improve safety conditions.

VEUNEX Safety Solution


HSE Face


Visual dashboard

Visual dashboards provide access to all detections, alerts, and logs. It is now possible to maintain different EHS policies from a single platform. A company’s EHS manager can access all logs and video footage, as well as unsafe conditions report since each EHS officer can control the work area he is assigned.

HSE dashboard


HSE Muscle


EXECUTE the plan

The time has come for action! As part of the action plan, VEUNEX notifies the HSE team, runs or stops any third-party processes, or alerts the site to prevent any occupational accidents.

hse muscle


VEUNEX boosts your safety team’s performance radically while saving 87% in accident-related compensation, and decreasing fatalities by 93%.

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